Why retaining counsel is so important

Being criminally charged and facing the prospect of conviction is an overwhelming experience. It can carry serious consequences, and have a severe impact on your life: from employment and immigration status, to family relationships and personal reputation.

It is important to retain an experienced lawyer who will move quickly to advocate on your behalf, taking the steps necessary to build a sound defence, often well before your first court appearance. This may include:

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Holding meetings with clients whether in or out of custody (if detained in custody, visiting the jail).

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Conducting witness interviews that corroborate your account or challenge the Crown witnesses’ version of events.

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Collecting evidence that may be important for establishing timelines, corroborating your account, or challenging the Crown's evidence.

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Requesting the preservation of evidence which may be in the possession of third parties, such as surveillance video.

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Communicating with the police, Crown, jail, insurance companies, hospital and other health care professionals, counsel in concurrent proceedings and other persons and various other measures.

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Location visits

Visiting the site of relevant events to take photos and video and making observations.

Arrested, confused, sad, and anxious, I stumbled upon Melanie Webb. She delved right into my case after our first meeting. I was facing kidnapping, torture, extortion, assault with weapons, and a plethora of other charges. She worked diligently through all of my emotional issues, was a listening ear when I needed to vent, and never compromised our attorney-client relationship. Melanie was always professional and I’m glad to say that after a two-month trial and out of five accused, I was the only one acquitted. I was temporarily stripped of my personal goals and material posessions, but I gained my freedom back thanks to Melanie. My family and I are forever grateful.
— J.G.