Areas of practice and legal expertise

In matters involving criminal allegations, it is essential to retain counsel at the earliest possible opportunity to protect your rights and interests. Our areas of practice include criminal defence, professional discipline and regulatory offences, and extradition. We represent clients at all stages: investigation, trial, and at the appellate level.

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Criminal trials

Your effective defence begins with a full understanding of the elements of the alleged offence and the allegations against you. Your criminal lawyer plays a critical role in securing an acquittal at trial. As experienced defence counsel, we represent clients on all criminal offences.

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Criminal appeals

If you have been found guilty of a criminal offence, you may wish to appeal the conviction, the sentence, or both. Our firm is frequently retained on many challenging appeals. Combining strong written and oral advocacy skills, we put forth your strongest and most persuasive arguments.

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Professional discipline & regulatory matters

Our firm has a broad range of experience before various professional regulatory bodies and administrative tribunals in Ontario. Our past experience includes representation before the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Toronto Police Service Tribunal, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, the Ontario Securities Commission, and the Licence Appeal Tribunal.

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If you are wanted for alleged crimes in another country and are facing extradition, you are entitled to a hearing. If ordered committed for extradition, you are also entitled to make submissions to the Minister of Justice on surrender. Having counsel experienced in this area is crucial. Our firm represents clients in extradition matters for all offences, including murder, and is well-versed with the relevant statutory provisions and procedures.


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Case Examples

For over a decade, Melanie has successfully argued countless criminal cases and represented clients before a range of tribunals and commissions. Below are some examples of results she has achieved for other clients:


+ Homicide and kidnapping

Murder Appeal
(R. v. R.H.)

Appeal against conviction and sentence for murder. Appeal allowed: new trial ordered. Bail pending new trial granted, while opposed by the Crown.

Accessory to Murder Charge
(R. v. M.T)

Accused’s charge of accessory after the fact to murder withdrawn.

Kidnapping Charges
(R. v. J.G.)

Accused acquitted of kidnapping and forcible confinement.

Kidnapping Charges
(R. v. S.P.)

Accused was charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement, attempt robbery, and breach of probation, in a case involving the alleged use of a firearm. Following a contested bail hearing, Melanie successfully obtained release of the client on his own recognizance. Accused found guilty of only one count of simple assault — all other charges withdrawn.

+ Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Charge
(R. v. M. R.)

Accused acquitted of all counts of sexual assault and simple assault involving multiple complainants.

Sexual Assault Charge
(R. v. M. V.)

Appeal against conviction for sexual assault allowed.

Sexual Assault Charge
(R. v. H. L.)

Accused acquitted of sexual assault.

Voyeurism and Related Charges
(R. v. J. J.)

Several counts of voyeurism, mischief, and unlawful use of computer withdrawn.

Sexual Assault Charge
(R. v. V.O.)

Accused acquitted of sexual assault and criminal harassment after complainant’s evidence found to be unreliable.

+ Gun Possession

Possession of Firearm Charges
(R. v. R.B.)

Accused’s multiple charges of unauthorized possession of firearm, theft, possession of break-in instruments, and possession of property obtained by crime withdrawn after demonstration of serious Charter issues.

Possession of Firearm Charges
(R. v. K.R.)

Accused’s multiple firearms-related charges withdrawn.

Possession of Firearm Charges
(R. v. A.L.)

Accused’s multiple firearms-related charges withdrawn.

+ Drug Offences

Drug Possession and Related Charges
(R. v. X.Y.)

Accused’s multiple drug and proceeds of crime charges, and other related offences, withdrawn mid-trial.

Drug Possession Charges
(R. v. K.D.)

Accused’s charge of possession of cocaine withdrawn after demonstration of serious Charter issues.

Drug Trafficking Charges
(R. v. K.P.)

Accused’s charge of trafficking heroin withdrawn.

Drug Possession and Related Charges
(R. v. R.F.)

Accused’s multiple drug and property-related offences stayed.

Marijuana Production Charges
(R. v. G.M.)

Accused’s charges of production of marijuana (grow-op) and mischief over $5000 withdrawn.

Drug Possession Charges
(R. v. A.D.)

All charges of drug possession, proceeds of crime, pointing a firearm, assault, forcible confinement, and utter threat withdrawn, after serious issues raised regarding the legality of the police search and the reliability of the complainant’s claims. Seized funds returned to client.

+ Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Justice and Related Charges
(R. v. C.C.)

Accused’s charges of obstruction of justice, intimidation of a justice system participant X 3, and utter threat withdrawn after preliminary hearing.

+ Robbery and Theft

Theft and Related Charges
(R. v. N.C.)

Accused’s charges of theft over, assault resist arrest, and other charges withdrawn.

Robbery and Drug Possession Charges
(R. v. V.K.)

Accused’s multiple charges of robbery X 2, possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, obstruct peace officer and failure to comply X 3 withdrawn.

Break & enter
(R. v. R.M.)

Appeal against conviction and sentence for several break & enter offences. Appeal allowed: new trial ordered.

+ Fraud

Fraud Charges
(R. v. B.C.)

All of the accused’s charges in a moderately large fraud case withdrawn.

+ Assault

Assault Charges
(R. v. M.S.)

Accused acquitted of multiple charges of assault with weapon, assault, weapons dangerous, utter threat.

Assault Charge
(R. v. R.S.)

Accused’s charges of assault with weapon and breach of peace bond withdrawn.

Aggravated Assault and Criminal Negligence Charges
(R. v. M.S.)

Accused acquitted of aggravated assault, criminal negligence cause bodily harm.

Assault Charge
(R. v. A.D.)

All charges of drug possession, proceeds of crime, pointing a firearm, assault, forcible confinement, and utter threat withdrawn, after serious issues raised regarding the legality of the police search and the reliability of the complainant’s claims. Seized funds returned to client.

+ Driving Offences

Impaired Driving Charge
(R. v. I.K.)

Accused’s charge of impaired driving withdrawn following demonstration of serious Charter issues.

Stunt Driving Conviction
(R. v. E.B.)

Accused’s conviction for stunt driving overturned on appeal; charge withdrawn.

Stunt Driving Charges
(R. v. S.S.)

Accused’s charge of stunt driving withdrawn.

+ Sentencing

Drug Trafficking Sentence
(R. v. M.R.)

Crown asked for a penitentiary sentence for an accused convicted of trafficking heroin. Following submissions, accused given a suspended sentence (no prison time).

Drug Trafficking Sentence
(R. v. J.F.)

Accused’s charge of trafficking cocaine was withdrawn after a plea to simple possession. Accused served no jail-time.

+ Bail Hearings

Melanie has conducted innumerable bail hearings. She has been successful in securing release for offences ranging from guns to kidnapping to murder. She is also well-experienced in preparing and arguing applications for bail pending appeal and has succeeded in obtaining bail for applicants seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.


Why retaining counsel is so important

Being criminally charged and facing the prospect of conviction is an overwhelming experience. It can carry serious consequences, and have a severe impact on your life: from employment and immigration status, to family relationships and personal reputation.

It is important to retain an experienced lawyer who will move quickly to advocate on your behalf, taking the steps necessary to build a sound defence, often well before your first court appearance. This may include:

Meetings Icon


Holding meetings with clients whether in or out of custody (if detained in custody, visiting the jail).

Interviews Icon


Conducting witness interviews that corroborate your account or challenge the Crown witnesses’ version of events.

Evidence Collection Icon


Collecting evidence that may be important for establishing timelines, corroborating your account, or challenging the Crown's evidence.

Evidence Protection Icon


Requesting the preservation of evidence which may be in the possession of third parties, such as surveillance video.

Communication Icon


Communicating with the police, Crown, jail, insurance companies, hospital and other health care professionals, counsel in concurrent proceedings and other persons and various other measures.

Location Visits Icon

Location visits

Visiting the site of relevant events to take photos and video and making observations.

Arrested, confused, sad, and anxious, I stumbled upon Melanie Webb. She delved right into my case after our first meeting. I was facing kidnapping, torture, extortion, assault with weapons, and a plethora of other charges. She worked diligently through all of my emotional issues, was a listening ear when I needed to vent, and never compromised our attorney-client relationship. Melanie was always professional and I’m glad to say that after a two-month trial and out of five accused, I was the only one acquitted. I was temporarily stripped of my personal goals and material posessions, but I gained my freedom back thanks to Melanie. My family and I are forever grateful.
— J.G.